Welcome to Flam Tap Drumming.

Flam Tap Drumming is a boutique drum studio based in Northland, Wellington.  Since opening in May 2016, Flam Tap Drumming has provided drum kit instruction and rhythm tuition to numerous students. With regular tuition, my students have grown in confidence behind the drum kit, performed in public and attained outstanding examination results in drum kit performance.

I am proud of the reputation that Flam Tap Drumming has gained throughout the years – as a place where students can thrive and make the most of their musical talents.  Every year I gladly welcome passionate students from around Wellington who wish to develop their confidence and creativity behind the drum kit.


Flam Tap Drumming is an ideal starting place for students wishing to explore playing drums, to eventually considering a career in the music industry.  Whether you are already enrolled, or thinking of applying, continue browsing to find out more about our programmes, admissions, and more.


Ajit Rasiah – Principal Instructor

Member of the NZ Institute of Registered Music Teachers

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Theo started with some percussion lessons to help him with rhythm in his trumpet playing, which it really has. However he enjoyed the lessons so much he has asked to keep going with learning some drumming - all due to Ajit's knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement.

Michelle Wilson